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Hawaii lawyer, J. Stephen Street, has been practicing law for over 45 years and has a long-standing record in copyright and trademark infringement litigation, as well as other business litigation.  Hawaii provides inspiration for an abundance of wonderful art and photography, and Mr. Street has much experience in protecting the copyrights and trademarks of these valued works.  We look forward to hearing from you and exploring ways we can assist you.

Practice Areas:   Intellectual Property & Business Litigation

Rapidly developing technology and use of the Internet has dramatically changed the way we all do business.  The technology has expanded business opportunities but also subjected businesses and individuals to much greater risk of copyright infringements and loss of intellectual property and trade secrets. Sometimes the most important safeguards involve the implementation and enforcement of employee confidentiality agreements.  We assist in the preparation of and enforcement of such agreements.

At the same time that intellectual property and trade secrets have become a more important component of many businesses, the available technology has made it easier to copy and misappropriate that intellectual property and trade secret information.  In addition to his experience in copyright and trademark infringement litigation, and other business litigation, Mr. Street has considerable background in client counseling concerning the best protection of intellectual property.  As a copyright lawyer who is also an artist, he understands the special needs and concerns of his clients within the Hawaii art community. 
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